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War Of Sea : BattleField


War Of Sea BattleField is a very well designed shooting game specifically for android tablets and smartphones .It is action-packed game for army action game lovers who loves sniper, gunner,simulation and modern sea war games. It has beautiful frames, and very simple to control. The game is totally free on google play store.There are many army war scenes so you can enjoy realistic war game.Test your shooting and aiming skills and ambush the army’s convoy in the sea. You need to hit the bulls eye and destroy the carrier and the boats providing logistics.It’s an crucial undead encounter for shooting, war game fans, does not matter if you have a high or low end mobile device, just download and start enjoying the amazing gunner shooting game.The game kicks off with a realistic scene in which a convoy is ambushed by our troops. Be ready to engage in action packed battles by being the best gunner! Experience beautiful 3d environments. With simple controls, target the enemies and blow them to smithereens! Enjoy realistic war games in the comfort of your home!The alliance of your enemies came with the surprise , invading your country is part of their plan and the route they have chosen is through the sea. Our intelligence has received the information from a mole planted in their army. It’s time to get ready and make it their last journey of life.
The combat mission start by hitting their convoy passing through a narrow sea route located near the island. As soon as they are hit , they call for backup and the sea turns into battlefield. This warzone is going to be your or their graveyard. Enemies have brought the modern weapon to destroy everything with a push of a button. So make a move before they do.Neutralize the Island making sure that there is no friendly fire or collateral damage. For the hostages, it’s the end of the world but you are the only hope for them like a lost guardian. In this age of civilization one expects a help from their defender, so when the battle time starts, make sure you go beyond the limits to save your countrymen and counter them.Features:- Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and Ships- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario- Ambush the enemy forces in spectacular fashion- Excellent 3d environment, Island,Sea, Ships, Choppers.- Well built storyline- Fabulous sound effects- Efficient weapon controls & movement
How to Play:- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault- Switch between machine gun and missile- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon- The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition but time to respond is crucial- Missiles are limited, use it wisely